Citizen EcoDrive Proximity Watch

Well, I’ve coverd the EcoDrive watches in the past.  The fact that you don’t have to worry about changing batteries, no charging every night, no winding…  They are great watches.  Designed perfectly, and relatively durable by any standard. 

I’ve never, however, covered the Proximity version of Citizens lineup. 


What is the Proximity watch?

If you’ve never heard of Citizen’s proximity watch, then you’re in for a simple treat.  This is the first version of the smart watch with EcoDrive technology.  You can sync it up with your phone, (Android or Iphone) via bluetooth wireless, and receive notifications from your phone when you get email, facebook or other messages on your phone.

Of course, these watches do not have fancy oled screens, nor do they have the “Dick Tracy” phone abilities.  However, if you’re like me, you may be one of those watch wearing oldies that can’t wrap your mind around the fact that you’ll have to charge a Watch, each and ever night!

No…  No Charging.  Just wear the watch.  Sync it up to your phone, and if you get a call, your wrist will vibrate!

Rather then writing about all the features of this simple smart watch, I’ve made a quick video for you to watch… 

Video Review of the Proximity Watch

What can it do…

Well, here is what the Citizen EcoDrive Proximity watch can do for you…

  • Solar Charging (Keeps charge for months)
  • Vibrates for email
  • Vibrates for social media notification
  • Vibrates for Calendar events
  • Multiple Alarms
  • Multiple Time Zones
  • Easy setup via your phone

I’ve been wearing my for several months. I enjoy it, but, you have to understand, it isn’t the smart watch you’re used to. It is more a traditional watch that looks really good, alerts you of notifications, and doesn’t have to be charged nightly!

If that works for you, then check out my affiliate links to some of the best Citizen Proximity watches available on Amazon…

Click image to buy this watch on Amazon Click image to buy this watch on Amazon

Yes, I’m a fan of Citizen watches.  They offer fantastic warranties, they are well built, and it is one of the brands that to be hones, I don’t see often in my watch and jewelry repair shop.

So, if you want a smart watch that looks great, holds up to abuse, and you don’t have to worry about charging it every day, check these out…

Take care, and happy watch hunting.


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