Whats the difference between Tudor and Rolex?

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A lot of people come into my shop, and see a Tudor watch, and say…”Hey, its a Rolex, but Cheaper!”

Well, that isn’t quite true, but I think it is important to know that there is a difference in the Tudor line from the Rolex Line, and here are some of the factors you need to know…

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So, what is the difference between a Rolex and a Tudor watch?

Because there are many differences between the two lines of watches, let me first explain that the similarity between the two, is in the design state of the watch case and band designs.  Any good watch fanatic will notice that there are many things cosmetically from both brands that bleed over into  the other.

The styles of the screw-down crowns.  The Crown Protectors which protrude from the right side of the case.  The bezel designs are similar, but not copied.  The bands have the same feel, and manufacturing quality, but do not look exactly the same.

What’s the Biggest Difference?

To be honest, the biggest difference between the watches are the watch movements.  Both in the sourcing and manufacturer brands used.

It is true, that at the time of this writing, Tudor has now begun the process of producing some of their own watch movements for which they previously purchased ETA movements for.

This trend, to allow Tudor not only to produce the cosmetic styles in case, band and crown, are beginning to elevate the company to an even higher standard with the increased production of watch movement styles to fit their own brand cases.

There have been several watch movement manufacturers who have produced “branded” movements to be used in the Tudor line.  We can find this with many other distributed brands, like Tag, Movado, and Invicta.

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Never the less, Tudor watches are manufactured and assembled with the highest quality watch movements.  Both being produced within the company, as well as outsourced from other high quality manufacturers, all Swiss!

Different types of materials

While we could put the several Tudor and Rolex watches together, side-by-side, and see the similarity of the brands, Tudor tends to try different options for materials.

The Rolex brand has, over the years become synonymous with 18k gold parts on most of its watches.  We see the President line of gold and platinum, as well as the submariner’s all familiar two-tone look of stainless and 18k gold.

The Tudor like spreads itself outside of that box, not just in the use of stainless, but mixing it up a bit with textured materials such as leather, silicone and titanium.

This use of other items typically found outside the Rolex line, makes Tudor watches a bit more appealing to other buyers, since not all mid-priced and high end watch purchasers like the gold, stainless and platinum options.

What is the most significant difference?

All kidding aside, lets face the fact.  The Tudor line offers you just as good a watch as the Rolex line, when speaking in the terms of mechanics and operation.  The watch mechanisms used are all high quality.

The difference?  Price!  You’ll find that in almost every case, when we compare a similar Tudor to its corresponding big Rolex Brother, that the price is Significantly lower.  There is no compromise to the function and operation, only in the sources used for watch parts.

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In almost every case that I’ve had in my shop, Tudor watches are of equal quality, functionality and performance as their big brothers.  They are easy to service, and in some cases, even less expensive to service then the counterpart.

Should you own a Tudor?

Yes!  That is the answer I have to give, especially coming from my experience in restoration and service of these fine watches.

Maybe you won’t be in “The Club” of Rolex owners, and if that is important to you, owning its little brother should not be considered awful, but maybe temporary.  However, in this day in age, were I tend to see may people wearing Apple, Samsung smart watches, as well as casio and times, all of whom seem comfortable… should it even matter?

Our society has become much more informal today.  Most people don’t even notice what kind of watch you are wearing.  However, Tudor comes in at a close second place in my opinion.  I’ll even go as far to say that I appreciate the fact that they look as good as Rolex, Feel as good as Rolex and in most cases, not many will know.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, as I’m always happy to help.

If you have a watch, of any brand that needs repair, please consider my services.  Maybe you’ll have a chance to have me feature your watch in a review or service video for my other websites.

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